Captain Ethan's 5th Birthday Party
 My Little baby Ethan has just turned 5 years old
and we celebrated in true Buccaneer style with a Pirate Party.
Pirate Party Invitation

Pirate Table Setting.


Chocolate Jaffas

Chocolate Gold Coins
Cola Chew Bottles
Pirate Popping Corn
Pirate Pops
Tim Tam Cheesecake Cake Pops.
Marooned Macarons

Chocolate Macarons with X Marks the Spot.
Ethan's favourites.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing & Chocolate Gold Coins.

Chocolate & Vanilla "Walk the Plank" Biscuits.

Strawberry Jelly Jars.

Sugar Cookies - Treasure Maps, Pirates, Skull & Cross Bones,
Pirate Ships, "E" for Ethan and 5 for the Birthday Boy.
 This is my first attempt at making flooded sugar cookies.
Arrgh!...... a very time consuming process.
 Pirate Dessert Table
 Captain Ethan and his Birthday Cupcake.
Time to blow out the candle.

Pirate Treasure - Get Your Loot Here! 
Captain Bones made a special appearance at Ethan's Party
 for all of the kids to have their photo taken with. 
This was before he made them
Scrub the Decks and Walk the Plank!

These X Marks the Spot draw string Treasure Loot Bags
are all hand sewn by me for each of the children to take home their
Pirate Loot and Treasures!

Anchors, Pirate Parrot, Gold Treasure, Jewells and Gems.
BONE Appetite Compass.

Ye Pirates Be Warned.....
Ethan is turning 5.


Pirate Birthday Cake 


Chocolate Mud Cake decorated with RTR Icing.
This is what happens when you put the candles too close to the side of the cake.
It catches on FIRE and you are completely amused by it.
Ethan having a good laugh!
Dad, Ethan and Mum (Me).

 The Kids all made their own Hamburger Pirate Ships
with French Fries and a Pirate Sail.

 Pirate Punch  & Sparkling Sea Water


  1. What a treasure trove of piratey fun! Wonderful indeed me hearty :)

  2. Kori NightingaleJuly 11, 2014 at 2:37 AM

    Wow blown away with the attention to detail!!! My twins are turning 5 in a few weeks and I am feeling like what I thought was going to be fabulous is not....after seeing your amazing Pirate Party! Absolutely fantastic!!!! You are extremely talented!!!! Your cake is better than the ones I get custom made and probly taste even better!!!

  3. This is the cutest party I have EVER seen!!! I seriously have come back to your blog about 10 times. I hope you don't mind...but I copied a bunch of your ideas! You are VERY talented! Thanks for posting---your party is WAY WAY cuter than mine, but here is my attempt at recreating your awesomeness!! Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Hello
    I Love your pirate party decoration. I would love to know where you got the buckets for the pirate ship centerpieces. I've seen some online but they're a little bigger than what I would like. Yours are perfect!

  5. Hello I love your pirate party decorations. I would like to know where I could get some buckets like the ones you used for the pirate ship centerpieces. I've seen some online but they're a little bigger than what I would like. Yours are perfect!

  6. Fantastic! Love the pictures.. not a thing was missed an eye for detail made it over the top.

  7. Fantastic! An eye for detail made this an outstanding party. Bravo!