60th Birthday Cake

Kathy's 60th Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday dear Kathy (Mum), Happy Birthday to You.
Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

60th Birthday Cake
I made this cake for my beautiful mother Kathy.

This was my first attempt ever at stencilling a cake with Royal Icing.

Dessert Table Display.
My Mum is the most amazing woman on this Earth. 
She is my Best Friend, My Support Always and I Love her so Dearly. 
Mini Meringues, Jaffas - Choc Orange Balls,
Raspberry Bullets covered with White Chocolate
and my Mums favourite Liquorice
Red, Black and White Ribbon Details with Diamante Buckle
Mini Meringues and Fresh Strawberries. 

3 Tiered, Chocolate Mud Cake covered with Chocolate Ganache and RTR Icing
Stencilled with Royal Icing Damask Pattern.
Topped with 20 Fresh Red Roses.




Captain Ethan's 5th Birthday Party
 My Little baby Ethan has just turned 5 years old
and we celebrated in true Buccaneer style with a Pirate Party.
Pirate Party Invitation

Pirate Table Setting.


Chocolate Jaffas

Chocolate Gold Coins
Cola Chew Bottles
Pirate Popping Corn
Pirate Pops
Tim Tam Cheesecake Cake Pops.
Marooned Macarons

Chocolate Macarons with X Marks the Spot.
Ethan's favourites.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing & Chocolate Gold Coins.

Chocolate & Vanilla "Walk the Plank" Biscuits.

Strawberry Jelly Jars.

Sugar Cookies - Treasure Maps, Pirates, Skull & Cross Bones,
Pirate Ships, "E" for Ethan and 5 for the Birthday Boy.
 This is my first attempt at making flooded sugar cookies.
Arrgh!...... a very time consuming process.
 Pirate Dessert Table
 Captain Ethan and his Birthday Cupcake.
Time to blow out the candle.

Pirate Treasure - Get Your Loot Here! 
Captain Bones made a special appearance at Ethan's Party
 for all of the kids to have their photo taken with. 
This was before he made them
Scrub the Decks and Walk the Plank!

These X Marks the Spot draw string Treasure Loot Bags
are all hand sewn by me for each of the children to take home their
Pirate Loot and Treasures!

Anchors, Pirate Parrot, Gold Treasure, Jewells and Gems.
BONE Appetite Compass.

Ye Pirates Be Warned.....
Ethan is turning 5.


Pirate Birthday Cake 


Chocolate Mud Cake decorated with RTR Icing.
This is what happens when you put the candles too close to the side of the cake.
It catches on FIRE and you are completely amused by it.
Ethan having a good laugh!
Dad, Ethan and Mum (Me).

 The Kids all made their own Hamburger Pirate Ships
with French Fries and a Pirate Sail.

 Pirate Punch  & Sparkling Sea Water