WONKA Golden Ticket Party

Wonka  Golden   Ticket   PArty
My son Dylan is a huge fan of both the old and new Wonka Movies, so for his 11th Birthday he requested a Wonka Party for 24 of his closest friends.  
Each child received a Golden Ticket Invitation.  I painted the Wonka Gate backdrop to set the scene for the Wonka Gate Candy Buffet. 
 This  was filled with Wonka – Nerd Ropes, Nerds, Red Skins, Gobstoppers as well as personalised Golden Ticket Chocolate Bars.  
The Great Glass Elevator was filled with red and white striped mints and a Wonka party is not complete without Veruca’s infamous 
“I Want A Golden Egg Now” Chocolate Eggs.  

  The children also delighted in Scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka – Purple Lemonade Jelly Cups,
Chocolate Mousses with tiny 3cm Moulded Chocolate Bars,
Gingerbread Cookie Wonka Hats and Wonka Cake Pops.    
I also made the Wonka themed Cake that featured on the Dessert Table. 
 The Wonka cake carried a fusion of characters from both the old and new movies.
The guests drank “Fizzy Lifting Drink” and thankfully none of the children floated away,
fell in the chocolate river, shrank to an infinite size or turned blue and needed juicing. 
They did however go home a little sugar high from the party.
 Upon arrival each child signed the Wonka Contract with a personal message to the Birthday boy.
They then entered the Wonka garden which was filled with candy props and Wonka directional signage. 
The children also played Chocolate Games, completed a Wonka Questionnaire
and finished the night watching the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Christmas 2011

This is our delightful dessert table for Christmas this year (2011).
My 2 little Elves - Dylan & Ethan