Leonie's 40th Fancy, Feathery Affair

Dessert Buffet Table for my 40th Birthday High Tea.
Candy Buffet
At the end of the afternoon the guests filled their individual glass candy jars from the Candy Buffet. 
Birthday Cake & Desserts

I made all of the printables, the floral arrangements, the 3 tier Birthday Cake (chocolate mudcake),
the Hummingbird Cakes & Carrot Cakes, the Raspberry Pot Cheesecakes (I love these little glass pots).
The printed name spoons finished the chocolate mousses beautifully.

Table Decorations

Table Seating for 24 all with their own individual High Tea Stands.
My wonderful husband James and his mate (Andrew) kindly dressed as waiting angels for the afternoon. 
All of the guests dressed in Black and White and adorned themselves with feathers for this special occasion.  The Feathery attire ranged from Fascinators to Masks, Angel Wings and Feather Boas.   
We were entertained by the amazing Canberra,  Jazz Band – “Cognac Lounge” .
My husband’s mate (Andrew) made the Chocolate Mousses, Banoffee Tartlets and Lemon Meringue Tartlets.
Decorations, Cake Stands & Candy Jars
Sweet Style -
Sharnel Dollar Designs -
Papier D’Amour –   
Macarons – Dream Cuisine Patisserie –
Éclairs – Le-Macaron

Jazz Band:           Cognac Lounge


  1. Hi Leonie, wow what an amazing affair!! You are very talented and your eye for detail is incredible! Wondering if I could trouble you and ask where you purchased your tall shot glasses for the chocolate mousse?? I've been trying to find some for ages! Melissa

  2. Melissa Robertson - They are Maxwell Williams Brand 95ml Shot Glasses (pk 6). You can get them from most home / kitchenwares stores or online.

  3. Thanks so much Leonie! Must have been walking around with my eyes closed! Keep up the great work, I am now another avid follower of yours :)

  4. What a fantastic feathery affair indeed! It all looks wonderful, the food, decorations, cake, and of course your friends too :)I hope you hada great day!