Superhero Party - Ethan's 4th Birthday

My little baby of the family has just turned 4
and is a huge fan of all of the Marvel & DC Comic Superheroes.
So this year it was a must to host a Superhero Party.

Superhero Candy Buffet

Superhero Chocolate Bars

These chooclate bars carry little to no calories - check out the Calories information....

Superhero Push Pop Cakes

Superman M&M Tubes

Spiderman Jaffa Tubes

Batman Sixlets Tubes

Superhero - Pencils

Superhero Bubbles - POP!

Superhero Fun Stick - FADS!

Superhero Chupa Chups

Superhero Macarons - Chocolate Ganache Filled

  Superhero - Chocolate Crackles

Superhero Jelly Cups
 Berry Blue, Lemon Yellow & Strawberry Red

Kryptonite - Sour Apple Rock Candy Sticks 

 Superhero Table Settings

Superhero Invitation
Super Ethan

Super Mates - Brothers

Super Dad & Super Sons

Superhero Table Goodies


Birthday Cake, Macarons, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Crackles, Jelly Cups, Styling & Decorations

Rock Candy & Sixlets, Wooden Spoons & Ethan Stamp, Cello Bags Skinny,  Mini Glass Pots
Sweet Style


  1. It certainly appears that you all had a SUPER time indeed! Happy birthday Ethan :)

  2. I love your parties- so much attention to detail and filled with love!

  3. Love this, that cake is exactly what I have been trying to think of to do for my sons party! This is going to help me out tremendously! Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! My son will be 4 this year and he's totally head over heels about Superman. I came across your page while Googling Superman and superhero themed parties!! This looks SO awesome!

  5. How totally cute! Great job...

  6. Absolutely love your jelly cups!! I'm planning a little monsters birthday party for my 3 year old son. Those jelly cups would be so cute for the party. Where did you find those jars?

  7. Absolutely love the jelly cups! I'm planning a birthday party for my 3 year old son. Those jelly cups would be so cute for the party! Where can I find those jars?